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The Online Directory of Texas Talent

This website, available to industry professionals seeking talent for projects in Texas, is convenient, fast and money-saving. Use our search feature for quick referencing of specific 'types' for faces and experience levels that match your project.

PURPOSE: Talent Works provides Texas talent with the best opportunity for organized exposure within the entertainment industry through convenient on-line presence. This affordable marketing tool displays up to three headshots, contact information, and links to your resume, agency website (if applicable) and personal website.

CONTACTS: Producers, directors, casting directors and production companies who have previously brought or who plan to bring projects to Texas will receive semi-monthly newsletter updates as to all activity taking place on the website. Over 500 industry professionals on this exclusive list, legally solely owned by Talent Works, will then have instant access to the online database.

WHY THE WEBSITE: This is a furiously fast-paced business. Even if you already have an online presence, companies with looming deadlines often don't have time to visit hundreds of personal sites. With one visit, Talent Works provides a reputable, online directory of some of the best talent in the area, saving the client time, and improving opportunity. 247-drugstore.com


ACTORS: This is the best new marketing opportunity around. For less than the cost of mailing it out yourself, your headshot may now reach companies, producers, and directors whom you never could've contacted alone?the same people who are eager to film their projects in your area. Don't miss out!

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