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Client Testimonials


"Internet promotion gives the most bang for the buck....and the potential audience is international!"

Jeffrey Nightbyrd


"In order to be progressive and proactive in the entertainment industry, an actor must utilize all avenues of self promotion. I will definitely urge my talent to participate in Talent Works!"

Erin Franklin


"Where else could you find the premier resource tools at your fingertips with the crиme de la crиme of Texas Talent professionals within the entertainment industry. I say Bravo for Talent Works!!"

Cynthia Robbins


"I book more and more projects for my clients off of our agency webpage. With someone like Donise Hardy and Casting Works LA, endorsing and promoting TALENT WORKS, it can only get better! Donise has been a huge boon to Austin and to Texas. Her name reaches far and wide, which is a HUGE benefit to us all. For those talent that choose to be part of TALENT WORKS, it's like getting a personal endorsement from a fantastic, and VERY BUSY Casting Director - what could be better?!"

Liz Atherton


"Marketing your photos and resume is the key that opens the door to opportunity. The more your marketing materials are accessible the more opportunities will come your way.

"I highly recommend participation in TALENT WORKS to all CONDRA/ARTISTA talent. Donise Hardy is providing a great service to our industry. We want you to work. Let’s work together to make that happen."

Priscillia Condra


"Excellent!! An industry book and website produced by one of the most knowledgeable casting directors in the United States can only be of the highest quality. Of course add in the fact that you are also one of the busiest and most respected casting directors and this is a no brainer for talent! To be competitive in today's market, talent need legitimate sources of marketing that won't empy their entire pocketbook or give them false promises or product. Your contacts combined with your experience will make all Texas talent involved in your book and on your website stand out in the industry. With you behind this project, I will be recommending all of my talent join immediately. Wow, I love it when you make my job easy!!"

Veronica Kelley-Albiez

K Hall

"TALENT WORKS is the best marketing tool an actor can have. I've already notified all the actors I represent about it. Your efforts to improve and raise standards for Actors in Texas are sincerely appreciated. Your constant kindness in nurturing the growing talent group is admirable! Continually bringing your strongest clients with you to our state for Production is awesome!

"Thank you for bringing us "TALENT WORKS" and all that you do & 'ROCK ON'!"

Romie Szal


"Hi Donise, the site looks great! This will be a great resource and we appreciate your efforts to continue to promote Texas talent!"

Teresa Kiser


"Talent Works is a great marketing tool that potentially could become our Texas Academy Players Directory"

Linda McAlister


"Donise, thank you for helping Texas. We are lucky to have all your expertise in this industry. It's wonderful to work with caring legitimate people like you."

Kay Anderson

Starcraft Talent

"On the road to success, Actors must use every marketing tool available. They must put their names and faces in front of those who can make a difference in their career. Talent Works is the right tool to help you make a difference."