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About Talent Works

Talent Works provides Texas talent the best opportunity for exposure in the entertainment industry. This is your chance to establish yourself on the Web for the review of countless industry professionals. Talent Works

Talent Works is a supreme marketing tool, vital to the success of all Texas talent. For a very reasonable fee, your headshots, resume, and contact information will be showcased on our website! You will be provided your own personal Web page, with the ability to display up to three different headshots, detailed contact information, and your resume, plus links to both your personal website and your agency website.

Our publicity efforts are primarily targeted to companies who are bringing their projects to Texas. Semi-monthly newsletter updates will be sent to directors, producers, casting directors, advertising agencies, and production companies throughout the United States who plan to film in Texas in the near future, and are seeking to hire Texas talent!

Over 500 industry professionals included in our mailing list (legally and solely owned by Talent Works) will have instant access to our talent database and YOUR personal career history. This provides them with a simple method for researching Texas talent ? and you with an easy and efficient way to gain instant exposure.

The Texas Film Commission estimates that in 2005, the total production budget of film and television projects in Texas was over $140 million! And this figure doesn't even include the hundreds of projects not tracked by the Commission, such as television commercials, industrials, documentaries, radio voice-overs, and music videos.

Dozens of feature films have been produced in Texas in just the past two years, including How To Eat Fried Worms, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Origin, The Return, Rain, Friday Night Lights, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, A Scanner Darkly, and Sin City, to name just a few!

If you've been looking for an inventive and clever way to market yourself, Talent Works is the answer. Exposure through Talent Works can accelerate your career in ways you never thought possible. So create your future right now and let Talent Works work for you! All talent, regardless of union status or agency representation, are invited to submit information to Talent Works. So don't delay!

(Note: This offer is not a guarantee of employment; just a great chance for exposure!)