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While some individuals who avoid sex do experience sexual desire on a regular basis, ISD frequently leads to sexual avoidance—as it did for Dan. A lack of sexual desire put him in the uncomfortable position of repeatedly rebuffing Barbara's sexual advances. Hating the confrontations that always followed his refusals, feeling guilty about hurting Barbara, and also angry about her lack of understanding, he adopted avoidance rituals to protect him from the consequences of ISD. Other men who suffer from ISD avoid sex because they fear their lack of desire will prevent them from getting an erection. Even though they may never have actually experienced a performance failure, their anxiety about the possibility persuades them not to risk it. Both men and women who engage in sex even though they feel no desire may experience little pleasure or even feel angry, resentful, and used throughout the experience. These negative feelings may lead to sexual avoidance as well.

In addition, sexual aversions and phobic avoidance can lead to ISD. We often see patients who have made conscious decisions not to feel desire precisely because they want to avoid sex or certain aspects of it. Quite often they will use food, alcohol, or tranquilizers or develop physical ailments to help them anesthetize or ignore their sexual feelings.


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