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Nearly fifty percent of men in west and about 90 percent in East want to marry virgins. Men who prize a woman's virginity are often the most eager to conquer.

Where woman's virginity is centred?

Woman's virginity is centred at hymen. Situated at the entrance of the vagina it is a fold of mucous membrane. When this membrane is ruptured woman is said to be deflowered. In certain societies defloration on the wedding night is a ceremonious occasion and the blood stained sheets are proudly presented to relatives and elders of the society as a proof of virginity of the bride.

What is the importance of 'honeymoon'?

Honeymoon is surely the time for deeper kind of communication and free love making in a relaxed atmosphere. During honeymoon couple can communicate at all levels and if they can discuss their feelings thoroughly without shyness they can be happy in their future life.

How to express sexual feelings?

Sexual communication between individual is often more difficult than it looks. Words seem to be inadequate in communication of sexual feelings. The way a man looks at a girl focussing on her breasts, hips or lips will tell his intentions to a girl. If she responds to his glances, stands eye to eye the game continues. In India touching a stranger is taboo. Body contact is only permissible in certain circumstances. We shake hands as a formal greeting only. Dilated pupils and blushing of cheeks is a common indication of agreement.

Which features are sexually attractive?     *

It depends from man to man and culture to culture. Tall, thin with attractive features, soft complexion, full breasts, heavy hips, long haired lady is sexually attractive to most men.


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