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Can I Take SP with Other Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs?

Anecdotal evidence from physicians who use SP and other herbs for the therapy of prostate symptoms doesn't indicate that these herbs present any problems when used in combination with other medicines or nutrients. However, formal studies have not been published regarding this issue.

Will SP Increase My Sex Drive?

This is difficult to say. During formal studies done with SP, there have been rare mentions of individuals having an increased sexual drive. Searching the Internet revealed a few anecdotes posted from people who thought SP helped them.

I've been only using oral SP for a few months but I've not noticed much affect on my hair yet. I did notice an increase in libido.

I've noticed increased libido when taking 320 mg twice a day. The effect, though, is subtle.

As a pharmacist, I frequently compound SP with Pygeum. I use it mostly for patients with BPH, but bodybuilders use the formula, too, if they 're taking androgenic steroids. Users do report an increase in sex drive.

Until formal, double-blind studies are done testing for SP's effect on libido, it's hard to give a definite answer at this time.

Is it Necessary to Pack SP Pills when Traveling?

Don't leave home without it. There's no guarantee that the country you're visiting will carry SP in their pharmacy or vitamin store. I've heard a few stories of men who became acquainted with bathrooms in foreign countries more frequently than they originally planned. Ed, a gendeman from Sherman Oaks, California, is one example. He relates, "I went on a trip to Europe and didn't take SP for 5 days. My symptoms of BPH came back and I was going to the bathroom at least half a dozen times at night. After I came back home, I resumed taking SP, and my symptoms improved promptly."

Does Cigarette Smoking Influence the Prostate?

Although it is believed that cigarette smoking is associated with a higher rate of prostate cancer, the limited research thus far does not indicate that smoking enlarges the prostate gland. In one study done in Turkey, middle-aged and older smokers were found to have a slightly smaller prostate gland than non-smokers. Perhaps smoking somehow influences levels of hormones within prostate tissue.


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